Quick Wood Floor Types

For a brief summary of each type of hardwood flooring covered on this site see the short descriptions to the right. Follow the links to bring up a more detailed page for each.

Tip - Black Walnut Flooring is the definition of luxury the All American way!

Tip - Solid Oak Flooring is the hallmark of quality and has been shown to stand the test of time!

Tip - Unfinished hardwood flooring means you can add a personal touch to your hardwood floor. Alternatively prefinished wood flooring allows you the convenience of a ready-finished floor prepared for you.

Walnut flooring is a great choice for someone wanting a dark hardwood floor. It is associated with luxury and high-quality often being found, for example, in exclusive Manhattan apartments.

Oak or White Oak, is closely related to Red Oak. Oak is the traditional choice for hardwood flooring. Solid Oak floors are elegant and yet very hard wearing. Solid Oak flooring remains a popular option for the highest quality wooden floor in the twenty-first century. The term White Oak is sometimes used to distinguish from Red Oak, however, this does not mean it is actually white, it just doesn't have the pinkish quality of Red Oak.

Canadian Maple flooring is a wonderful choice for a light and uniform feel with great durability. It is especially popular in Canada and throughout North America. Canadian Maple flooring is a great choice for a light and evenly coloured luxurious hardwood floor. Canadian Maple is harder than but otherwise similar to European Maple.

European Maple European Maple wood floors have much in common with Canadian or Hard Maple. Not as hard as Canadian Maple, European Maple flooring is still hard-wearing and is often found at a discounted price compared to a Canadian Maple floor. It too has the light, uniform honey tone that mellows with age.

Beech is a light-coloured hardwood without a strong grain. Beech wood flooring is a popular contemporary choice. In the right room a Beech wood floor can produce a warm homely feel which has the durability you would expect from a hardwood floor.

Birch Birch is a modern choice for a hardwood flooring. A light colored wood which is also popular for furniture.

Cherry Wood is darker than most hardwood floors. It has a strongly contrasting grain which gives a powerful wood pattern effect to any Cherry wood floor. Cherry hardwood flooring is an exotic choice. A distinctive unique natural wood which gives a rich flavour to any room.

Ash Wood Floors are for people who want to be noticed! Choosing Ash hardwood flooring is a choice make a bold statement. The light wood with the strong grain definitely catches the eye.

Red Oak Red Oak hardwood flooring unsurprisingly has very similar characteristics to Oak which is sometimes referred to as White Oak. Red Oak is a light colored hardwood which has grown in popularity recently.

Jatoba Jatoba wood flooring is a fine choice for anyone who wants an exotic feeling from their flooring! Jatoba is an incredibly hard, exotic, hardwood. Relatively dark compared to most hardwood floors it's rich lustre deepens with age to a magnificent red-brown. A Jatoba floor is a stamp of luxury in any home or workplace.